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To trust·To achievement

In 2015, JADO China new "achievement more than" spirit, started a brand new era
legend achievements since entering the Chinese market, industry and user acceptance, and even the future prospects, JADO China to the pursuit of excellence achievement, showing a brand extraordinary journey through the past, present, future.

The stars gather , proof the achievement

JADO invited to be member of the car product quality of the Convention (to become the first member)
The leader from the national development and Reform Commission, China Association of equipment management and modification of automotive products and technology center, and JADO, the United States JOHNSON (Johnson),and other leading companies, Sina, Sohu, Netease, Tencent and other 56 media representatives,and industry experts etc, nearly 300 people attended the conference. In the meeting on the scene of the newly applied enterprises settled in the voting. Finally,, only 5 companies to become the member of 2016 car product quality of the Convention, the first member companies, JADO because the brand tremendous influence in the industry and good reputation from the consumers, successfully became one of the 5 settled companies.

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